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You've been craving a business that allows you to work from ANYWHERE for years ... now you've got one.

But you're still sitting at home. And your business STILL isn't at the level you know you're capable of.

I’ve been pretty nomadic for my entire life. I bounced from house to house when I was younger and didn’t think much of it after the 12th move, and then brought that into adulthood living in 8 cities in just 7 years.

I feel trapped when I have to stay in one place for too long (commitment phobe)! 

So, it makes sense that when my corporate job granted me just 5 vacation days, I panicked. Felt suffocated, and knew there had to be a better life. 

Running a location independent business means we get to work from wherever we long as there’s internet of course.

You want a business you love. You want to do work that really matters. And you want the freedom to travel & adventure. Am I right, or am I right?!

The problem is…you’re spending so much time on the business to-do’s that you haven’t taken advantage of that “freedom” part yet. And that’s where I come in.

You CAN run a business that feels like a party. You can do it YOUR way, you CAN feel like the girlboss that you are. But it’s up to you to make your own rules and stick to them. 

If you’ve been holed up in your yoga pants behind your laptop for the past 6 months, hustling and grinding on this business, feeling stressed out, overworked and still underpaid - then it’s time to make some changes.

This is NOT why you left that job. This is NOT how entrepreneurship has to be. 

I need you to meet me in Breckenridge, Colorado.



See this photo to the right? It's one of the only ones I have from my younger years - I've got a lot of biological momma drama and she has most of the photo memories still. This one is of me and my dad in Breckenridge, Colorado.

This is Adrienne, circa 1989...three years old and hitting the slopes. I hated it. My dad said I laid in the snow and cried the entire time. Give me a break y'all! Who takes a 3 years old Florida baby skiing anyway?!  

But, I've had an affinity towards the state of Colorado and Breckenridge ever since. 

And, quite frankly, a ski trip isn't the best business building retreat since we'd all be injured by day two.

So, what's better than Colorado in the summer? Not much.  


We both know that it comes down to YOU to creating the business and life that you truly want. No one else can make that decision for you.

But, let's be honest, I can make things a lot easier by inviting you to a retreat that is going to help you:

  • grow & scale your business,

  • connect with new business friends,

  • and add a little bit of that freedom and adventure that you've been talking about for so long.

business retreat


Because I don't expect you to be ready to retreat with some stranger. 

I'm Adrienne, a high-octane, no-nonsense business coach who helps go-getter entrepreneurs build their own empires by showing them how to reach more people and make more money with their message. 

I host a daily podcast, am the author of a forthcoming book, & paid off over $45,000 in debt in just 6 months...which then allowed me to quit my corporate day job and go full-time as an entrepreneur. I've more than doubled my corporate income in my own business (within just 6 months) and continue to grow & scale up every single month. 

I'm also a proud dog-mom (seen: my bernese mountain dog baby, Church E. Bear), nationally competitive distance triathlete, and fiance to the man of my dreams. 

OKay enough about me...what does a retreat look like?!



This isn't just some luxury retreat to escape the day to day grind though...

You'll be masterminding with me at the lead - a no-nonsense success strategist who built her own 6-figure business in less than 6 months, my two 6 figure #girlboss guest hosts, AND 7 other brilliant business women who are running their own empires!

This is...

  • customized (& intimate) business building with the opportunity and flexibility to get the support and attention you want & need during our for 5 full days together

  • mapping out the details of your next 6 months - we're talking all the details - program creation, launch plans, marketing strategy, and how to sell out everything you offer without feeling salesy

  • real ways to build an audience of raving fans who are not just ready to buy from you, but excited to do it

  • the secrets to leveraging and scaling your business for 6 & 7-figure growth this year

  • mastering your money & success mindset (listen, this isn't sexy, I know...but you can't expect to sell 6 & 7 figures annually without this piece)

  • perfecting your communication so you can attract ideal clients, connect with influencers, and make a bigger impact with your work

  • photo-shooting in our luxury lodge & beautiful outdoor spots -what's better than GORGEOUS photos & 10 friends helping to style you to add to your business portfolio?

  • the most access to me and other brilliant business mastermind babes you'll ever get...for a fraction of the price

  • elevating and accelerating your business to a level you never even dreamed possible


  • a week of luxury relaxation...we're going to be doing some serious business building & breakthroughs during our time together

  • an escape from your real life...this is actually when we'll get super clear on who you really are, what you're truly capable of and then creating the plan to execute on the results

  • time to sit back and watch...this week will be the time to take the reigns, move through fears, explore your true strengths & inject them into your business, build your confidence, and create powerful connections

THIS IS FOR YOU IF you're...

  • an adventurous female entrepreneur (sorry gentleman, maybe next time) who is ready to take advantage that she can work from anywhere

  • seeking clarity on what REALLY makes you different and stand out in this noisy, crowded online space

  • have an interest in being the go-to expert in your niche, connecting with influencers and becoming one yourself (hey, you've got a big message to share!)

  • impatient, want results now & feel like things should be moving forward more quickly (see: stuck, stagnant, etc…)

  • still working tons of hours and can’t figure out how to actually create this “freedom” based lifestyle everyone keeps talking about

  • you have a business that you’re ready to leverage and scale up so you can make more money without having your hands all over everything or taking on a bazillion clients

  • beyond ready to work with a business coach, but really love the idea of 5 full days instead of 60 minute calls - plus you’re ready for an adventure

  • ready to create a 6 or 7 figure income, but really need the ‘how to’ and the mindset shifts to make it a reality

  • an action-taker who’s ready to 10X your business

  • willing to go beyond your comfort zone, take advice, challenge yourself and do things that may cause extreme personal & business growth (hey, if nothing changes, nothing changes)

  • interested in exploring a new town, making new best friends, and laughing until you cry



plan (1).jpg




business mountain retreat
business retreat
business mountain retreat
business mountain retreat


photo credit: Liam Doran

photo credit: Liam Doran

MOUNTAIN HIKES. You don't need to be a crossfitter or marathoner to attend - but we will be challenging ourselves with some adventuring together! And a good hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains is THE BEST spark for inspiration.

photo credit: Jessie Unruh

photo credit: Jessie Unruh

SUP YOGA. I've done yoga. I've even paddle boarded before. But I've yet to put the two together. I have a feeling this will be one of those adventures where I laugh so hard I cry. Let's do this ladies.

photo credit: Kodi Rafting

photo credit: Kodi Rafting

WHITEWATER RAFTING. This is something I've always wanted to do, so I'm taking you with me. But in all seriousness, this will be fun & we're moving through fears that WILL help elevate our businesses.

I know this sounds like a boatload of fun, and it will be, but don't be mistaken, this is a hardcore business building & elevating retreat. It will all be hyper-focused on helping you & your bottom line GROW, and the itinerary will be even more specific and finalized once I know exactly who is coming, & what you need to focus on so we can create the exact experience that you need.  

Here's what's included:

  • All-inclusive access to me, my brain & 8 other mastermind friends to answer all of the business questions you could ever think of!

  • A photo shoot upgrade your current business photos and make sure your look is positioned right & tight. Breckenridge is beautiful and so is our lodge - there are endless possibilities here!

  • 5 days and 4 nights at our luxury lodge (complete with hot tub, more rooms than we can even count, gourmet kitchen, unbelievable views, and comfy quarters) … this place is a dream come true y'all

  • All meals and snacks, and all beverages (except for alcohol) when eating out (but you’d better believe the house will be stocked with wine all week!)

  • Transport to and from the Denver airport so you don’t have to worry (or think) about getting to the luxury lodge on your own. I'll even make sure to create our drive playlist

  • An afternoon of white-water rafting - this is about overcoming our fears, having an adventure, and bonding through new experiences (and sheer terror)

  • A SUP yoga adventure - because what's more adventurous than trying to do yoga...on a paddle board?! But seriously...the views are insane, the challenge will be worth it, and we're going to need to work off some of that wine anyway


business retreat

Shari Teigman - your soul sparking word wizard will be in the house! Literally. Shari has a way of really listening to who you are and understanding you better than you understand yourself. She just "gets it." Shari will be on scene helping and masterminding on all things messaging, copywriting, and she's our resident momma bear so she might even cook you a good meal!

business retreat

Maria Hinton - our master manifester, prosperity coach and possibilitarian. She not only knows how to build a multi-6 figure business, she knows how to transform your mindset so that you can too. She gets down to business. Her work ethic, energy and attitude are a force to be reckoned with - we'll rub some of this onto all of you during the trip.

THE DATES - JUNE 9-13, 2016.


Your investment to get in on the magic of this Breckenridge getaway retreat is $2599 (2 spots available).

Budget conscious and ready for pillow talk with your new best friend? You can share a room and reduce the investment to $2299 (no spots available).

A deposit of $500 secures your spot and I'll organize a custom payment plan with you to complete easy payments over the next 6 months.

ready to say yes to yourself & your business? join us!

This exclusive business mountain retreat is specifically for women that I KNOW will be a perfect fit.

There are only 2 spaces left and I’d love for you to fill out the application below to make sure that this experience is right for you, and to give you a space to ask any questions that will help make this a hell YESSS for you.

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