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Ready to tap into the potential you always knew you had?

Your highest potential that is...not some half-ass next level greatness. 

Are you currently living as your best self? If you are, you might not need this mini-course. But if not, why—what’s the holdup? 

A few things that might be holding you back:

  • Your Mindset - your thoughts and beliefs may be limiting your success

  • Your Habits - your daily routines and rituals may be keeping you stuck

  • Your Attitude - your perceptions and outlook on life and circumstances

his list could go on and on, but essentially, if you want to master your life, you must first master yourself. 

It's time to overcome mediocrity and to reach our highest potential. Yet, everyday many of us are waking up and doing the same thing we did the day before. And our extraordinary life continues to stay a dream.

self-mastery mini course

This School of Self-Mastery mini-course is about how to master yourself, so that you can continue to take your levels of success—in every area of your personal and professional life—to levels beyond what you’ve experienced before. 

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If you're like me, you get really excited by the idea of being world class, of being great at what you do, of living a very extraordinary, successful life. But you're frustrated because it seems to slip through your fingers. The problem, of course, is that YOU are the problem!

If you want to tap into your GREATEST potential, you need to start to actively growing yourself.

This means committing to self-mastery.

What is self-mastery? It's taking ownership of your results in life and using any and every means available to become the best that you can be. It's recognizing that to get to that world class level, you will have to develop exceptional, robust habits of success-– because all your results ultimately flow from YOU.

Mastery is...

self-mastery mini-course
  • the demonstration of a great skill or technique

  • thorough knowledge of a subject

  • the ability to display great skill or achieve a significant accomplishment

  • the action, skill or process demonstrated by a master.

Mastery spans and encompasses the areas of skill, knowledge, and taking action ... which is something we can all do in our own lives. 

Far too often, it seems like mastery is reserved for others. That it is not easily obtainable and a goal few would aspire to, let alone reach. But self-mastery is at the heart of every human with the desire to attain it. 

school of self mastery

This is not just theorizing. Result, results, results are what I care about. Nothing fluffy here.

The fact is, if you're not satisfied with what you've accomplished so far, you need better habits, better beliefs, better thought-patterns, more emotional awareness, more knowledge, and new skills to bridge the gap.

The School of Self-Mastery mini-course is a 5 day jam packed mini-course to provide you with insights and resources for this masterful journey to tap into your greatest potential.

Starting on June 8th, we're going to spend 5 days fulfilling your greatest potential in life, through active, deliberate exercises for growth.

school self-mastery
  • REAL, results-driven personal development without fluff, bullshit, or hype

  • Hard work: recognizing that it takes massive effort to become successful

  • Long-term thinking: investing in yourself

  • Cultivating a love for the life-long pursuit of personal development

  • Advanced concepts, strategies, techniques, and tools for making lasting improvements

  • Unleashing your full potential

  • Finding your true life purpose

  • Staying on track with your purpose after you've found it

  • Becoming world-class at what you do

  • Creating financial success, freedom, and lasting fulfillment

  • Building awareness

  • Creating the habits of success

Mini-Course includes:

  • video & audio lessons

  • daily emails w/ action items

  • daily exercises

  • private fb group support

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school of self mastery