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What To Do When Clients Don't Show Up

I love to get to know people. And not in a "let's PM on facebook and then never actually talk" kind of way. I want to talk to people. I want to talk and get to know every single person I can, especially if we are going to ever work together.

client no show

I always want to get to know prospective clients before they sign up to work with me. I think it benefits both parties involved. We need to know if we're a good fit.

All of this to say, I offer FREE sessions. I use it as a way to get to know the person, see if we'd be a good fit personality wise as well as better understand if my coaching is what they need! I know that many coaches do not offer free. They don't like the idea of giving away valuable services, but for me, it makes the coach - client relationship much more connected from the start. 

There are some downsides to free sessions. First, they take up time that you could be spending on other business projects and second, sometimes people don't show up!

Can you believe that?!

Sometimes people schedule time to chat with yours truly, and they don't show up

If you know me personally, you know these humans are missing out big time by not making that call! 

And if you're a fellow coach or any type of service provider, you know this has happened to you. And if you say it hasn't happened to you, you're lying, because it's totally happened to you (even if you're not ready to admit it). 

But here's the has nothing to do with you. It has do with them

So, how do you deal with the no-show blues though? I mean that's a real blow to the self-esteem, right?!

Here are the 3 things I like to do when clients no show for my free sessions:

1. Pray for them. I use the time that I would have spent WITH them on the call to pray for them. I pray that they start using a calendar. I pray that they prepare their minds for the next coach that they schedule a free session with. I pray that they are safe. I pray that they have an aha moment that allows them to push through whatever they were going to tell me about. I pray for their goals and dreams even though I don't know specifically what they are. I pray that they contact me when they are ready to move forward with coaching.

2. Show gratitude. I thank myself for showing up regardless of what my client does. As a coach, it's important to measure my success based on how I show up and perform and not directly on my clients success. I love when my clients succeed, but my job is to show up. And when they also show up, that's when the magic happens. My clients successes are not mine, so I cannot get wrapped up when they don't show up. I have to continue to do my part of the work. I will always show up, so I thank myself for my ability to keep showing up.

3. I email them. I don't let no shows bring me down. I typically contact them to let them know I missed them, and I genuinely hope everything is okay. I allow them to take the wheel from there, they're likely not ready for a coach, but sometimes it was just a crazy day mix-up (which happens to the best of us), but more than likely I encourage them to do some soul-searching to understand if this is important to them.

I always hop right back on that work horse and do something productive to remind myself of why I keep showing up! Stepping back into my work reminds me that there are tons of women who need me.  For instance, I had a no show tonight, and I thought "ding ding ding I will write about this!"

I know there are other coaches out there who struggle moving past their no-shows.  Keep showing up. It's not about you, it's about them. And as long as you've done your part, you're a successful coach!

I am passionate about my potential clients, but they won't always be ready or passionate about me!  That's the same truth for you too!

Have no show's bummed you out in the past? What's your best advice for combating the no show blues? Share with us in the comments below!