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I bet you WASTE a ton of time...let's find out...

Time seems to fly not only when you're having fun, but also when you feel like you have 10,000 things you want to get done!

Time is finite, but there is one way to get more of it...stop wasting some of it. With a new year in front of us and new goals to meet, there isn't time for the stuff that didn't work last year (or the year before that). We have to be more intentional with our time if we plan to reach goals. 

Since we're all busy, let's just be honest with ourselves and our schedules. How much time are we REALLY spending on the things that matter most? Is there a gap between what you're ACTUALLY doing and what you WANT to be doing? I am challenging you to find out. With 168 hours in one week, I wanted to know...where does it all go?! 

This week I'm including the 168 hour Time Tracker. It's different than a weekly schedule because we're not writing down the things we need to do at specific times, we're simply writing down exactly what we actually did and how much time we spent on each activity for that day. At the end of the one week, we'll have a better idea of what our schedule really looks like and what activities have become 'this ime sinks' (all those things that suck you in without you even knowing it - you needed the lyric for one song and 3 hours and 47 YouTube videos later, you forgot where you started...sound familiar?) in our lives. 

Use the Time Tracker this week to write down EVERY thing you're doing and the amount of time spent, from facebooking to exercise to daydreaming. Be brutally honest with yourself and where you're spending time...and then go one step further by answering the following questions:

  1. What is one thing that you noticed you do daily (or close to daily) that is adding value?
  2. What is one thing that you noticed you do daily (or close to daily) that is NOT adding value?
  3. Where did you notice you were wasting WAY more time than you thought?
  4. How much time do you actually want to spend on your 'time sinks'?  
  5. If you remove your time sinks, is there time to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN?! 

If you work better from your desktop, email me directly and I will send you the excel version of the 168 time tracker!

time waste.jpg

Once we know where our time is going, we need to make some honest changes! Using our time in the right places can provide an exponential return on our investment, whereas time spent on candy crush saga is lost forever.


Tell me how the 168 time tracker worked for you in the comments! Were you surprised at where your time was going? Do you have weapons of mass distraction consuming your hours? Have you made some changes? What were some of your biggest 'time sinks'?