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Why You Need To Take Personal Responsibility To Break Free From Your Past

One of the “perks” of my corporate job includes a company vehicle. A white, Toyota Tacoma pickup truck if you can even believe it. It’s pretty comical actually. First day on the job and I hop into my truck, fill it up with gas with my company credit card, and hit the road.

Over the next few weeks I spend a lot of time on the road, and the rest stops added up quickly and so did the banana peels, coffee cups, and empty Powerade Zero bottles.  I also left the truck running when it was hot just so I wouldn’t have to cool it down again when I got back in, wiped my muddy feet all over the floor boards, spilled coffee on the center console and wiped my dirty paws on the passenger seat fabric interior.

I would have never allowed this to happen to my own vehicle…never.

The universal truth here is that we treat what we “rent” differently than we treat what we own.

On our path to freedom, nothing unlocks more opportunity and power in our own lives than the simple act of taking personal responsibility. No matter what has happened, either positive or negative, you get to decide what life really looks like from here going forward.

Those painful things that have happened in your past aren’t your fault, but they are your responsibility now. Sour lemons still come with some super delish and refreshing options – IF we’re willing to take ownership of our life’s lemonade stand.


It’s time to bravely live the un-lived life within and stop believing the lie that we’re broken, damaged, done, or dead. If you’d like to break free of the chains from your past, say these three simple words…I own it.

You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.
— Dr. Suess

The reality is, no one else will live your story for you, and no one else is going to come sweep you away and take your place for you. It belongs fully to you. It’s all yours. Your actions, your decisions, your beliefs, and your next steps are all yours. They are your responsibility.

When we fail to take ownership of our lives, the greatest enemy of our freedom is not the obvious alcoholic mother, the significant other who cheated on us, or the unappreciative boss. For most of us, the enemy is far more dangerous than those people could ever be. Comic, Walt Kelley, tells us with conviction that “we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Tragically, our past hurts teach us how to continue to hurt ourselves over and over and over again. It creates a broken record of sorts. It becomes a vicious, self-deprecating cycle. Yet ownership is not about blame or where the past hurts came from, it’s about taking responsibility for where we go from here.

We don’t have to point the finger or blame anyone anymore, it doesn’t move us any closer to our desires by continuing that cycle. Oh and by the way, that includes no longer blaming yourself too.

We cannot un-see what we’ve seen in our lives. We cannot un-live what we’ve lived in our lives. We can, however, take personal responsibility for our present selves and move forward.

Maybe it’s time to step outside, take a deep breath and remind ourselves of who we truly want to be. No one is going to force you to take personal responsibility, but if you’re ready – this life of your actually belongs to you.