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The Main Reason You Have No Clients

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I want to address what I think is the major reason you're not finding the clients or success that you want.  It's why you're not making the impacts you desire or earning the dollars you truly deserve. It's the biggest problem holding back so many entrepreneurs, just like you, from being super successful! 

If you continue to avoid this piece of the business puzzle, you're crippling your ability to make big impacts through your business, find incredible clients, and build any momentum in the game. 

The key isn't just being's being sustainable. How can we do this thing we love to do over the long haul? And what's holding us back from doing that very thing?

The real truth is, YOU have a fear of choosing a niche.

You're concerned that by excluding people, you'll be cutting off potential clients. 

In actuality, this mindset of NOT choosing more specifically who you work with, does the exact opposite. You're repelling potential clients.  

I get it, you're a giving person, you have a lot to offer and therefore you just want to serve everyone! And you truly can help ANYONE, but from a business standpoint, by claiming that you're interested in helping everyone, you're actually helping no one. 

When you proclaim through your marketing that you're ready to solve all of everyone's problems, you're reaching no one. You've become so general, that no one feels you're talking to them. 

When you hear someone say something general about their work such as "I help get people from point A to point B so they can live their dreams," what does it make you think? Do you now know exactly what they're going to do for you? Do you know how? Do you know if you need them?

Probably not, you were likely confused and bored by the line itself. 

People don't want generalists to solve all their problems, they want specialists. We all do. Think of the medical world as an example.

My boyfriend just had his wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago. He had the option of having the general dentist do this, you know the one who checks your teeth, maybe fills a cavity here or there. OR he had option two of going to see a periodontist, a dentist that specializes in oral surgery, the guy who removes teeth and performs surgeries everyday. Which would you choose? Who is more equipped to solve his problem? The specialist. 

Does the specialist charge more? Yes. Do they provide a more valuable service? Yes, indeed. 

More importantly though, the specialist gains our trust and our confidence. We believe in them, which allows us to be more comfortable and open to the entire process. 

Your potential clients are EXACTLY the same way, they want the specialist. They have specific problems, specific wants and needs. They need to major trust and have confidence in the person who is going to help them solve their problems and serve their wants and needs.

They need to feel this trust and confidence before they ever hire you. And that's why you have to speak specifically to them, to their wants and needs. 

If you were going to hire a business coach to help you start your dream business, who would you feel more confident in hiring just based off this description:

Coach 1:  I help get people from point A to point B in their business so they can live their dreams.

Coach 2: I am a dream machine, a Dream Catalyst & Strategist. I bring fiery life, clarity, and purposeful action plans you all your wildest dreams. By inspiring the awesome within you, together we'll create, package and market your shiny new online service-based business in a way that equips you to catch your dream, not just chase it. You'll no longer have to waste time trying to become a business strategist or a marketing maven. My proven strategies are going to take you from stuck and overwhelmed to freedom as your own #bosslady and mega profitability in a life you truly love.

The second one is actually mine, and I hope it's obvious which one is more compelling and specific. I am speaking to a specific problem that I know my niche experiences. And if you need help with that specific problem, find me here!

Let's face it, you want to spend more time changing lives with your work, not chasing down clients through marketing.

By getting super specific about the problem you're going to solve, you allow people to weed themselves out, and you more importantly allow the ones who need you to be able to find you! 

Allow your clients to find you, allow them to gain trust and confidence in your ability to solve their super specific problem. Choose a specific problem to solve, that's your niche.

Become a specialist.

Let them find you

Do you have tons of paying clients knocking down your door? If you said no, maybe you need to become more of a specialist. 

Maybe you need help finding your niche? I love helping my clients identify who they best serve and then developing a marketing strategy and message to draw your clients TO YOU! 

Let's set up 15 minutes to chat about how I can help YOU become a specialist in your business.