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New Year Purpose Planning!

Finding purpose is hard. I think about it non-stop these days. What am I doing with my life, am I doing what I am called to do, am I helping people be better people, where am I holding back, and how do I start making positive changes...where do I even start?

I've vowed this year that I will not just ask myself these questions, but I will put purposeful action behind finding out the answers. And if I don't find them in least I've tried.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.
— antoine de saint-exupery

My purpose planning for 2015 started with breaking down the areas of my life in which I want to grow, for a purpose.

  • Spiritual Life
  • Finances
  • Health/Fitness
  • Blogging

Each area then needed a training needed more defined direction if I actually wanted to accomplish anything profound. I made a list (per usual) for each area of the end goal and baby steps to get there. Today I'm sharing the goals and some of the baby steps I've defined...and because we still have one more day till 2015 (and because I'm not afraid to make changes) I want your feedback! Tell me where I'm not stretching myself enough, where I missed something, where my baby steps are backwards, or maybe where I need more focus!

I like writing things down on paper, so I'm giving y'all the printable I used to start planning out my purpose for 2015...I hope it helps you begin the process!

Spiritual Life

Goal: To grow closer to God

Baby Steps

  1. Commit to (at least) 10 minutes daily for reading/prayer
  2. Serve at our local church in my area of gifting - teach an FPU class, lead a small group
  3. Serve others daily - with a better attitude, with acts of service, by doing your best regardless of how you feel
  4. Fasting to bring greater focus on God
  5. Re-read Old and New Testament cover to cover in 365 days.


Goal: To be debt free by September 2015.

Baby Steps

  1. Create a monthly budget by the 25th of the previous month
  2. Give/Tithe while in debt - 10% towards giving
  3. Allocate as much money towards debt as humanly possible - every month
  4. Sell everything you don't need


Goal: To maintain a healthy lifestyle without being a psycho work-out obsessed human.

Baby Steps

  1. Commit to exercise 5+ hours per week
  2. Make exercise more fun (i.e. take the pups running, dance, play a sport)
  3. Start teaching classes at our local gym
  4. Create a new healthy spin on typically not-so-healthy recipes - once a month
  5. Do more yoga at home (1X per week)
  6. Run a half marathon (ideally with Tyler, but he has to set his own goals)

Side note on #3...within 24 hours of writing this goal down, I was asked to teach my first class at our YMCA (tonight)!


Goal: Define a platform, grow the purpose, and post on a consistent schedule (3X a week).

Baby Steps

  1. Write at least 500 words
  2. Redefine the platform by the end of February - then re-launch
  3. Invest in learning something new that is beneficial to the blog/purpose (writing code, public speaking course, photography, design, etc.)
  4. Create a public speaking opportunity for yourself
This was my first written version...before I started adding a few more baby steps (oops!).

This was my first written version...before I started adding a few more baby steps (oops!).

Each of these baby steps will then be broken down again into smaller goals on my calendar (but I didn't want to bore you with all that - you get the idea). You have to be specific so that things get accomplished daily. Some of them are easier than others, some have more clear direction, but all of them are just down right exciting!

Which leads me to...If you are not excited about your've picked the wrong goals, and you can almost guarantee that you will not achieve them. Your goals should be centered around the positive vision you can see (but not yet feel) for your newly purposed life!

Happy 2015 Purpose Planning! Tell me in the comments what you're being purposeful about this year!