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Why Money Doesn't Equal Happiness

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I've made the classic mistake I see so many of my clients make — and that you are likely making as well. I projected my value for personal freedom onto money.

Most of us are under the illusion that if we could just attain financial freedom, we would have personal freedom as well. We're creating a false belief that once we no longer have to worry about money, then we'll enter this life where everyday is filled with fun, friends and festivities.

That's wrong. It just doesn't work that way.

When you achieve financial freedom and maybe even quit working, you may come to realize that you're still the same. You'll have the same hang-ups and personal issues facing the same life you had before money wasn't an issue.

The only difference is that you'll likely have a lot more time to wallow in it, and no distractions or excuses from the presumed work-life script to distract you from seeing the truth about your life.

You may soon come to realize that the goal all along was personal freedom, not financial freedom.

Sure, you should be happy with the financial freedom because it provides time, money, and flexibility.

financial freedom

But, more than likely, achieving the financial freedom will lift the mask that has been hiding the deeper issues. It will remove all the distractions and external things like the job and money issues that you're currently projecting your unhappiness onto. 

Once the financial freedom is in place, you'll be forced to look inward and take full responsibility for the way you feel instead of projecting problems outward onto life circumstances. 

When you have the financial ability to arrange your life in any way you desire, the one thing you lose is any excuse for aspects of your life that don’t measure up.

Financial freedom removes the facade by eliminating the excuses.

But, why wait to achieve financial freedom to experience happiness? Why wait to lift that mask of deeper issues? It's time to stop racing towards money. 

It's not the money you really want, it's what you think the money will do for you. 

You need to enjoy the quest, otherwise the money won't last anyway. We can't be motivated by extrinsic factors (money) alone. There must be a deeper desire and purpose for our lives. You need an internally motivated purpose to keep the money and contentment flowing. 

I want you to know how to enjoy each and every day of your life — no excuses allowed — regardless of the circumstances of the day. I don't want you to choose to have another unhappy day ever again.

You need to be on the pursuit of that elusive animal known as happiness, not money.

Dig deep, when you visualize having all the financial freedom and money in the world, what would you do? How would you fill your days? How does it feel? 

If you didn't need to work, what would you do to fill your soul? 

I want you to have financial and personal freedom, but they are not tied together. Achieving financial freedom does not set your soul free. 

I want you to enjoy the journey not just the achievement, because once you get there you'll be disappointed that the goal has moved once again. It's like being on a boat and moving towards the horizon, every time you get closer it keeps moving a little bit further away.

You need to be more specific. It's not all about the money. How will you find purpose and meaning, how will you feed your soul along the journey?

Will you choose to seek elusive happiness now or push it off until there are no other excuses to blame unhappiness on? 

Believe me, I am ALL about financial freedom (I teach Dave Ramsey's financial peace classes for goodness sake!), but we cannot make the accusation that with financial freedom comes happiness.

We have to stop kidding ourselves and discover what the real issues are, what really makes us feel alive, so that we can have the personal freedom RIGHT NOW. 

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