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Ever Been Scooped?

Have you ever been scooped?! You know, the time you developed that great idea in your head, maybe even told your friends about it, and then months down the road..there it appears, on the shelves, but you didnt put it there. You were scooped. You felt scooped.

I actually have a knack for coming up with ideas that are already in existence. Here's a few of my favorite "inventions" that I came up with...

  1. I had the idea for a place where people would be able to share books when they were done reading them, so that they didn't have to buy every single book. I then realized this is called a library and it's been in existence for quite some time now.
  2. I thought it would be incredible to have vehicles on tracks that automatically went where you wanted to go, so that you wouldn't have to drive. I was then informed that these are called trains, and they too have been in existence for quite some time now. 
  3. I was driving long distance one day for work and could not bear another sip of acidic coffee, but I was getting very tired. I thought it would be great if they would make gum that had caffeine it it! Genius! I even consulted with my brother on this idea to see if he would be interested in joining my new business venture...after a quick google search he crushed my hopes and dreams by letting me know it too already existed. 

Now, maybe I shouldn't have given up on the caffeinated gum idea because they haven't marketed that very well, but the point is, I'm sure you've had that feeling. I know these are all more lighthearted examples, but I'm really referring to the idea you had that could have been your next business, or the thing that would have enabled you to quit your soul-sucking job. The real ideas that we've all had.

Getting scooped feels like defeat combined with betrayal, although neither feeling is warranted since you weren't really scooped. You didn't do anything, you just thought about it, maybe talked about it. Your incredible idea was followed up with dust bunnies, complete inaction. 

Your ideas are great, but everyone is capable of ideas, you need to be capable of execution! You have to stop getting in your own way. A great idea is useless if it never leaves your head. We have to be more than dreamers, we have to be doers. Because the doers are out there, and they will scoop your ideas if you're just dreaming! 

Why aren't we following through? What stops us from executing our great ideas? 

We're afraid. We're afraid that our great idea isn't that great at all. So, instead of trying and possibly failing, we fail to try at all. The vampire voices in our heads are sucking the life out of us and filling us with lies. They trick us into believing our ideas are impossible. Our ideas are great, and if they're not, so what? Which is greater, the fear of failure or the pain of regret? Whenever the vampire voices are trying to make me second guess my great idea, I think about the multi-millionaire who invented the snuggie. 

Let's be doers, let's execute and never get scooped again!