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How to Attract the Right Clients

We all know that content is king...or queen in this case. The only type of marketing that exists in our current fast paced, no nonsense world is content marketing. 

People want valuable knowledge and insights and we're able to provide that through our content relatively easily. As experts in our field, it's more important to reach people with value and to reach them with some cheesy sales pitch. 

content right clients marketing

You must continually create valuable content so that your potential clients can know, like and trust you. Once they are able to find value in your free stuff, they're much more likely to pay you for your other services. That's the key to content marketing.

When your content is doing the sales for you, it makes your life a whole lot easier. No more stressing over attracting the right clients or salesy & sleazy sales pitches - as if those work anyway...

Just be the creative content queen that you are, create valuable content and humans will notice! If they are able to improve and see results from your FREE content, they are totally going to become part of your tribe and beg for more.

So, now I've stressed you out right? I've put this pressure on you to come up with all this incredible content for your audience. Well, stop stressing. The content and value you create is already within you.

The best content is found deep within your heart and soul. Which is great news for you because you don't have to travel far to find it. You just have to be willing to explore it and share it with the world (as scary as that may be sometimes).

Here's some tips to continually create content that is queen to attract the right clients:

  • Write about what you know about. When you show what you know, you're able to write with passion and you will attract the right clients to your business with simple passion marketing.
  • Write original content and use your own ideas. When you write from your own ideas, you're much more equipped to explain things well to your audience, and you will attract the right clients.
  • Interact with your audience. When you get to know your audience personally, you will intimately know your audience, and their struggles, and you will attract the right clients. You'll be able to create content based on exactly what they need!
  • Stay on topic, be clear, and provide solutions. When you are super clear in your message and not super rambly or confusing, and able to provide a clear solution to their specific problem, you will attract the right clients.
  • Create a content strategy. Serve your clients with a valuable plan. When you have pure intentions to serve and your service is valuable, you will attract the right clients. Think about what they need to know so they are able to really put your content to work in their life. Serve it to them in a way that gives them true value.

As I said above, this all begins with the heart-and-soul work of your business.

Connect to your purpose, your mission, and your audience...because if you don't do those things, your audience is going to pick up on that lack of authenticity, even from a million internet miles away! 

Make content the queen of your business marketing strategy! 

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