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Doubt Your Doubt

Self-doubt is a manipulative and lying beast that lives within you.

I want to encourage you to ‪#‎doubtyourdoubt‬! Because that beast is not real. You are real and you need to OWN it.

Self-doubt is a creation of your unsupervised thoughts. Those thoughts need your supervision because if you let them run around like toddlers home alone with steak knives in hand, it does not end well. Because you are capable of self-doubt, we now know you are capable of doubting that doubt too! 

Self-doubt is a feeling, and all of our feelings are created by our thoughts. What thought created the doubt? Is it true? Can we re-phrase it to be more positive or at least neutral?

You are in control, supervise your thoughts and doubt your doubt!

Where do you find yourself doubting your true abilities and calling? Why?