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Can a decision change a life? It did for me.

At the beginning of 2015, I selected the word BOLD to guide me through the new year. I wanted to embrace and embody this word in everything I took on.

Mission accomplished thus far and we’re only just 6 months in.

I made a decision that I wanted to pay off my debt, and I made another decision that I desired to leave my corporate day job. I didn’t worry so much about the HOW, it was more about the what and the why.

I wanted the freedom to have more than 5 vacation days per year. The financial stability to hop on a plane to see my dad without stressing about overdrafting. And I craved doing something I really felt passionate about.

In the past 6 months, I’ve paid off all my debt (~$48,000) and quit my prestigious, yet passionless, corporate day job, and booked that trip to see my dad (a 10 day trip nonetheless)!

I’m a typical millennial. I left graduate school with almost $50,000 in student loan debt, and no clue what to do about it. I launched forward on the typical corporate career path as most millennials do with a prestigious Fortune 500 company.  I became President of the company’s young professional group, obtained certifications in Six Sigma & Supply Chain as an efficiency expert, was racing up the corporate ladder and in my spare time was racing as a USA triathlon competitor.

Like most people, I felt strapped to even make minimum payments on that debt for a solid 3 years after graduating. It was an additional rent payment and I knew I would carry it with me like a puppy in a purse for the next 25 years.

I was searching for a way to get rid of the debt that I felt was constantly hanging over my head, it plagued me from doing the things a young person desires to do, but it felt suffocating and overwhelming.

One day I made a decision, and that decision changed my life.  I decided it was time to get serious and took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class.  Six months later, I had started my own business, paid off all $45,000 of my debt, and quit my corporate day job.

I now use my own experience and strategies to help other high achievers ditch their debt, start a business, and achieve real freedom and fulfillment.

The five main things I tell people that HAVE to happen to become financially free include:

  1. Make a decision

  2. Believe you can

  3. Create a budget

  4. Cut expenses

  5. Increase your income

The real truth is this wasn’t glamorous, it took a lot of work and sacrifice, but it was totally worth it. And it’s possible for you too, how do I know? Because there is nothing special about me.

I made that critical decision to do it, I believed I could do it, and then I took action daily.

That’s all that discipline really is...remembering what it is you really want (insert: leave job, pay off debt, start a business, make 6 figures, etc.) and then demonstrate what you really want through daily actions.

So, what is it that you really want? It’s all about making a real decision and honoring it daily. You can literally create anything you want in your life through this simple process.

I stuck to my budget and cut expenses like a boss, but I always knew the real secret to move forward quickly would be to increase my income.  With an idea to help people do what I longed to do with my soon-to-be financial freedom, I started a side business helping other aspiring entrepreneurs find their freedom, get out of debt, and build a business they loved. Within two months of starting my business I was regularly achieving 7k, 8k and even 15k months. THIS is what allowed me to pay off my debt so quickly.

I had to stay focused though and always kept my why in mind. It would have been real easy to get sidetracked and invest in other things or go on a fabulous vacation, or buy a new car, but I was focused on getting out of debt and growing my business so I could quit the day job.

It’s about making sacrifices in the short term so that you can create the life you truly desire for the long haul.

In 6 months, I had succeeded in my goal, I blew them all away actually. As I launch forward in my new business as a Success Strategist & Money Mentor, I’m helping other high achievers reach their highest potential in the areas of money, work, and life, to find their personal freedom and create a life they truly love.  

I’m on a mission to spread the word that debt does not have to be normal, and I’m showing other people how to live a truly rich life of success on their terms, one client at a time.

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Adrienne Dorison