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I am a firm believer in manifesting your own destiny.

To “manifest” literally means to make something evident in the world.  To demonstrate or show can be perceived.  To manifest your destiny means more than just achieving your goals.  “Destiny” is defined as the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future. However, a deeper definition of destiny is revealing to yourself your life’s purpose.  When you manifest your destiny, you reveal your potential to yourself and to the world, and you do not rely on fate alone.

I believe manifesting your own destiny begins with your desires and ends with your habitual thoughts. Create a mindset where there is no other alternative. Direct your self-talk towards it WILL happen versus the more common, IF it happens. This type of thought environment will then generate motivation, confidence, encouragement, and inspiration in your own mind to reach your destiny. 

I can't tell you  how many times I've done this in my own life...countless (aka this stuff works). Like that time I got a promotion and moved to Alabama to be with the love of my life...yeah, I manifested that destiny. I literally spoke about it as if I was moving, as if I was obviously going to get the job, as if there was no other was going to happen. You have to talk to yourself (yes you read that right) all the time to create and direct your habitual thoughts towards the destiny, towards what SHALL be, and towards what you wish to become.

When you speak and think about your destiny as if it's a done deal, your actions and attitude will positively influence the actual destiny. You're manifesting it...not only to yourself, but to others through your demeanor, through your determination, and through your positive thoughts and energy.