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It's here! Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Hopefully by this time, Tyler and I have safely arrived in NYC for a weekend full of family, friends, fun and touristing (yes, I know this is not a verb - but it should be).

Today I wanted to share thanks for things that originated in my mind as negatives...and by changing the perspective, I  discovered room for gratitude. I'll discuss from both perspectives...

  1. My initial perspective on the situation, and then...
  2. How changing my perspective allowed me to be thankful in that same situation.

I think this is a good practice for us all to try when negative thoughts pop into our can we think differently, more positively maybe?

Situation 1:

Initial Negativity: I HATE leaving Church E. Bear. As we travel for Thanksgiving I get really depressed that he won't be able to be with us this year. I also tend to humanize the issue and feel like he shouldn't be without us during the holidays since he is such an important part of our family!

Ummm....get a grip girl. How I flipped that thought...

New Perspective: Church E. Bear is a dog. That means he doesn't even know what Thanksgiving is or what it means or feels like. It's just another day to him. And I am SOOOO thankful that we have the sweetest and most loving dog sitter in the world. She treats Church E. Bear and Airbear like they are part of her family. So, they won't be alone for the holidays like I had originally and overdramatically expressed...they are at their home away from home, playing in their extra large backyard with lots of other pup friends!

Church making himself at home at our dog sitter's home!  

Church making himself at home at our dog sitter's home!

Situation 2:

Initial Negativity: Our flight departed at 8:45 out of Atlanta this morning to head to NYC. I always get real ambitious when I book my flights and think "oh, early flight is no big deal!". And then, (usually the day before departure) I realize how early we're actually going to have to get up and then I remember that we're also in the Central Time zone...sooo we actually had to BE in the airport by 6:45am - our time. Which means we needed to be leaving the house no later than 3am. Oops. Not cute for us.


New Perspective: I am beyond thankful to see the family as soon as possible! I haven't seen Mark and Nic since LAST THANKSGIVING. One year. I just can't handle that kind of time apart from these two. And while we saw Dad and Dwyn in August...that's still not enough and as we all get older our time is so much more precious together! So, who would be able to be able to sleep the night before this reunion anyway?! It's comparable to Christmas Eve for a 6 year old child! While 3am wake up calls aren't ideal for everyday situations...this situation is different - once a year visits to see my favorite humans (& nephew!) have turned 3am alarms into a welcomed event for this gal. I am so thankful for an early departure and an early landing in NYC!

These were just 'perspective' examples from the past 24 hours...things happen all the time, (it's life) but we get to choose how we view life! A life without adversity is a life without growth. It's through that adversity that we're able to reap the fruits of perseverance, courage, patience and self discipline. If you can change your perspective you can find opportunities to strengthen, build character and help you view life situations so much differently in the future.

If you're with family and/or friends this season, share thanks with each other. Tell each other what you're thankful for BEFORE you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of eating, football, and (god forbid) shopping. If you're unable to be with family and/or friends for the holiday, be thankful for the job you have that is maybe keeping you away from them, or for the friends and family you have in your life regardless of their distance from you on this day. If you change your perspective, you will change your life!

And since shopping has apparently become part of this season as well, (which I despise if you haven't already noticed) I'll leave you with this thought to take with you on your shopping adventures...

So, at your table today (and when you lose your patience with humankind while shopping tomorrow)...I challenge you to PASS THE GRATITUDE, PLEASE! 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!