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The countdown to Thanksgiving is upon us y’all! And it's #thankfulthursday. Two weeks from today and we’ll be sitting with our loved ones, likely eating more than we should, and saying thanks for our many blessings. Tyler and I will be heading to NYC to spend Thanksgiving weekend with my family! This is Tyler’s first time in the Big Apple, so we’ll get to be all touristy too (I will not subject my brother and seester in law to this since they are locals and have seen every NYC scene like 5 million times)…might even bring our fanny packs.

As promised, I’m getting grateful and keeping my daily gratitude journal…three things every day through the month of November (and likely beyond). If you missed part 1 of this gratitude series…go back to see how being grateful can actually boost your happiness! I’m sharing a few of the things I’ve been grateful for over the past week (note: I’m feeling happier too).

1.       The ABILITY to exercise. Every time I get that “the last thing I want to do is workout” thought in my mind, I try to remember how many people due to illness or injury are UNABLE to work out. That usually makes me feel real guilty about my laziness and my complaints, and grateful that I am ABLE to work out. I stay thankful for this daily and it helps me enter my work outs with gusto!

2.       Workday lunches with Tyler. This is something that may seem so simple, but it is so big to me for two reasons. The first being that at my previous office in NC we never (as in no one in the office) left their desk for lunch. I typically ate a banana and peanut butter as I continued to work away! So being able to leave the office on some days to go grab lunch is a nice treat!

The second reason stems from living 564 miles away from Tyler in the beginning. Every moment we had together was cherished and I never wanted the weekends to end. Now that we are both in the same place, I want to make sure I never take those moments for granted. They were so special when we didn’t have as much time together, but they’re just as important now! Being able to have lunch together is still surreal to me. I never thought our worlds would be able to collide so quickly, but that’s what happens when you manifest your destiny!

3.       Pups that are buds. When we first brought Airy home and introduced her to Church E. Bear, I am not exaggerating when I tell you that she HATED him. She growled, attacked, bit, snarled…you get the idea. We thought for sure they were destined to be enemies for life and we really weren’t sure what to do at that point. We took them on walks together whenever she was aggressive and she started to warm up to him. Less than two weeks later they were spooning, she always tries to be the big spoon though. She is now obsessed with him. Oh how quickly things change! Don’t get me wrong, she still steals every toy he tries to play with, but for the most part, she’s obsessed (she cries when I take him somewhere without her).



Need more convincing? Gratitude researcher, Dr. Robert Emmons, cited that practicing daily gratitude can reduce stress hormones by 23%.  The distinguished Heart Math Institute preaches that one of the few ways to bring the heart rate to its most optimal rhythm is gratitude!

Tis the season for more happiness and less stress!

Have any of you been keeping a gratitude list? Have you noticed a difference yet?