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I’ve always called Church my daydreamer. The boy loves staring out of a window. I even open the blinds for him when I leave in the morning because I know that’s what he wants; he’s a dreamer, a visionary. Okay, maybe that’s a little excessive. But I do always find myself enamored by his ‘imagination’. And I find myself thinking about all the thoughts that are running through his sweet mind.

Does he dream about being out there, playing and smelling every scent? Chasing squirrels and rolling in the grass? Does he dream about the breeze running through his ear fur and over his back? Does he dream about the last time we went to the dog park and all the new friends he met? Does he dream about where those friends are now? Does he dream about me walking through the front door looking like the goddess he thinks I am? (No really, he always looks at me with these eyes that say ‘you are amazing and beautiful’. It’s a great self confidence booster). Or is he more imaginative than I give him credit for and he’s dreaming about being an astronaut and exploring other planets? WHAT IS HE DAYDREAMING ABOUT?! Maybe he’s just blankly staring, but I refuse to believe that.

Either way, knowing that even Church E. Bear is a daydreamer encourages me to do the same. Our jobs and days can become mundane. We have to dream a little, actually we have to dream A LOT. And we have to dream BIG. Get inspired by your daydreams and make them come to life. The thought of everything staying the same frightens me, so that must mean I have to dream up something bigger, and then chase it.

Dreaming BIG can be challenging. What is the thing you dream about doing for a living, and then you reduce yourself to thoughts that it could NEVER happen? Well, stop. Take that dream, it’s yours and you’re entitled to live it out. If your dream seems impossible, you’re dreaming BIG and that’s exactly where you should be!

Tips for dreaming BIG like Church E. Bear:

  • If you knew you couldn’t fail…what would you be dreaming and doing? What is the one thing you can't not do?
  • Tell someone! You’re more likely to attempt your dreams if someone you know and love knows about them.
  • Don’t get stuck on the path. Sometimes to reach a dream you have to go a different way than planned…and that’s ok! Getting from A to Z can look many different ways, accept that, keep moving towards Z.
  • Create bucket lists and a passion journal. Goals are much more likely to be accomplished if you write them down and check them off one by one! And what better way to self-discover than to write down things that inspire you.
  • Find a tangible representation of your BIG dream. Something you can look at and it reminds you of why you do what you do on a daily basis. You need something to hold on to.
  • Be willing to take risks. BIG dreams will lead you to scary and insecure moments and chapters in life, but they will be worth it! If you wait until things are PERFECT, you'll always be waiting. 
                                  Night dreaming too...I bet after this he started daydreaming about snow.

                                  Night dreaming too...I bet after this he started daydreaming about snow.

Church may never live out his daydreams…but you CAN and SHOULD live out yours!

Adrienne Dorison