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Is It Quitting Time? 10 Ways To Tell If It's Time To Quit Your Job.

Nowadays, more Americans are quitters than ever before. With today's technology you can start a business with zero dollars in under 10 minutes. And I personally think that's a beautiful thing. But there is a lot to be said for stable income, a budding career, and workplace benefits.

As a calculated risk taker, I know that just quitting a job is not an easy decision, but how do we know when it's the right decision?  It's pretty common for employees to have a bad day or two, to occasionally complain about their boss, and dread their Monday's from time to time. But how can you tell if you're just having one of "those days," or if this is something way more serious?

quit your job

Your job may have driven you to a point of insanity which has caused your decision making skills to become iffy. You're likely in office survival mode if you're even reading this article. As you launch yourself into part-time entrepreneurship, quitting that soul-sucking day job becomes even more tempting.

Here are 10 ways to tell if it's time to turn in that 2 week notice:

1. You’re completely bored and unfulfilled. When you first started working at this job, you were pretty excited, remember? Maybe you wouldn’t describe it as feeling passionate, but you at least felt it was a good decision to be working there.

These days you’re showing up hopeless and depressed. You're bored with your assignments and motivation left the room months ago. How many more Monday’s can you put up with this feeling for?

2. You’re an outcast. Everyone else at work seems to be content with their shitty job. They aren’t looking to improve, or innovate and here you are racking your brain for new ideas that everyone will shoot down at the next 4 hour meeting you all attend.

Side note: I literally heard one of my office mates say these words with pride (to which I immediately cringe): I come from a time where you got a job and stayed there for 40 years, whether you liked it or not! Kids don’t know how to stick it out these days.

Wait, what?! Why stay in a job for 40 years that you hate? This is mind boggling to me. Do not sacrifice life happiness just to prove you 'stuck it out'. You do not have to "just stick it out."

3. You would hate to have your boss’s job.  One of the reasons you haven’t left yet is because of the great advancement opportunities your company offers. But if advancing into your boss’s role seems like a nightmare, then it might be time to start packing up. What is the point of staying for career advancement if you don’t really desire that next career move?

4. You’re underperforming. You’re a super skilled human, yet you cannot bring yourself to put the effort into your work anymore. You know you can do better, a lot better, but it just doesn’t seem to matter or motivate you anymore.

You’ve lost the passion. You’ve always been an overachiever, but you just can’t seem to get it together anymore for this role. Time to go, cause this right here will kill your soul.

5. Your skills aren’t valued. You have incredible abilities that are all underutilized, which discourages you from even working hard tasks that require little skill. You’re overqualified for your job, yet you keep getting passed over for bigger projects or promotions. You need to stop wasting your potential in a place that does not respect or acknowledge your work. Go thrive somewhere else.

6. You don’t support the company product or service. If you’re not invested in the product or service that your company is selling, then you’re putting incredible limitations on your career growth. How could you possibly succeed when you’re not bought into the mission? It’s impossible for you to advance and reach your full potential because if you don’t believe in the roots of the company, you’re holding back. It’s not fair to you, or the company, if you can’t back the product or service.

7. You avoid your coworkers. You no longer have patience for the office politics or water cooler conversations. You wait in your office until you hear silence in the hall, then you dart for the coffee pot and a quick bathroom break, hoping to avoid all insignificant office chatter. It’s not that you don’t like your coworkers; it’s just that you can barely hold your tongue about how miserable you are.

8. You can’t stand your boss. If you’re dealing with a boss on the daily who is demanding, controlling, confusing, miserable or micromanaging you should think about a new gig. Why put up with this? We spend the majority of our life at work, with these humans. Don’t let a mismanaged boss ruin your life.

9. You’re apathetic towards your work. Some days you wonder how little you could get done and still keep your job. This upsets you, but you can’t seem to make yourself care. You don’t view your work as important or life changing, so your enthusiasm to get things done is lost. You used to stress when all your tasks weren’t completed, now you just know they’ll still be there tomorrow, patiently waiting for you.

10. You make more money at your side gig. You’ve been building your side business for awhile now, spending long nights after your day job and weekends working hard at the thing you truly love. You’re actually making money now too! Possibly even more money than at you’re well-paying stable job!

But, you’re nervous about consistency so you’re waiting patiently for a sign from God that it’s “time” to leave. Listen, it’s time. No one is going to come down and fairy godmother you on the head and tell you it’s time. Take the leap and go full time with that biz you have a passion for!

My end goal here isn’t to get you to quit your job, it’s to encourage you to be fulfilled. Everyone is deserving of fulfillment, but we’re frozen by fear, stuck inside status quo, and comforted by stability, so instead we do nothing, we stay.

It's important to take a good look at the pro/con list for jumping ship right now versus creating a calculated escape plan. You want to consider health & life insurance, profitability, time availability to build the side biz, flexibility, client consistency, retirement & 401K plans, and fulfillment! This is not an easy decision, so if you're stuck and don't know the answers or how to create a successful escape plan, I'd love to help - 15 Min FREE Strategy Session.

How’d you rank up in this little quiz? Is it time to fire your boss from your life and start getting passionate about your real purpose? Let me know how you stacked up in the comments below!

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